Don’t Miss the Industry Party of the Summer

Ted Hood defined an era in our sport and our industry, and members of the Hood family and the marine industry have created a new event to pay tribute to the man and his brand of genius that spawned a fleet of boats as well as marine careers.

The three-day Designer Series is a new event that will be held in Bristol from July 21-23, and it’s a rendezvous with a twist: not only for owners of Ted Hood-designed boats and their crews but also for members of the industry who worked with Hood and worked on his boats, and all those who appreciate his work from afar.

Activities include an “Open Boat” party on Friday night to see the fleet–from the original Robin to the 12-meter Nefertiti; on-water events Saturday followed by a Saturday-night clambake featuring music by the local band The Sugarbabies; and a boat parade on Sunday.

Organizers who hatched the idea behind the event–including sons Ted Jr. and Bob Hood, RIMTA Chair Andy Tyska, Ted Fontaine (Fontaine Design Group) and Matthew Smith (Matthew Smith, Naval Architect)–encourage members of the industry to attend the Saturday night clambake and make the evening one for fun networking, reminiscing, meeting boat owners, and paying tribute to Hood and his life’s work.


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