Ted Hood was good at designing fast cruisers and elegant racers, and it looks like he succeeded with the 2100. Still, the boat did not sell in any great numbers, perhaps because AMF Alcort was a little late in coming to market, and had to contend with boats like the popular J/24, conceived by a couple of ex-Alcort employees in 1979. By 1981 the J/24 had already seized a strong market position targeting roughly the same customer base as the 2100. Best features: Here is a boat intended to race and also to cruise, with a tremendous amount of usable space for her LOD. In fact, her big freeboard and beam give her best space by a good margin relative to her comps. Also note her unusually shallow draft with keel raised, making trailering relatively easy. Worst features: The lifting keel, weighing over 800 pounds and controlled by a winch down below, must be somewhat of a nuisance to operate while underway, particularly during tight racing man-uevers when speed is of the essence. Also the keel trunk sits squarely in the middle of the cabin, making passage forward to the head awkward.

This AMF2100 was purchased through a boat donation program in the early 2000s by Ted Hood Sr and will be on a trailer for the event.