Ted Fontaine is the founder and president of the Fontaine Design Group established in 2001, in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He is among Fontaine the world’s elite designers of large custom sailing yachts. Specializing in shallow draft, wide beam, deep centerboard hull forms, Ted Fontaine’s high performance, comfortable racing/cruising yachts lead the industry in comfort, quality and intelligent design.

He learned the trade from Ted Hood. In the late 1950s Hood designed, built and demonstrated how his shallow draft heavy displacement hull form could win races when he designed, built and sailed his first Robin. In following years this innovative design developed steadily, and in 1985 one man became two, when Ted Fontaine was appointed Chief Designer of the Ted Hood Design Group. The next decade saw the concept refined, with a strong emphasis on the offshore cruising sailor seeking the optimum in both performance and comfort. Fontaine continued to lead the refinement of the Hood hull forms until 2001, when a consolidation of the Hood and Hinckley Companies created an opportunity for him to purchase the assets of the Ted Hood Design Group and begin a new company under his own name., Fontaine Design Group.

During the 1990s, Fontaine expanded the Group’s custom yacht design capabilities into other areas, specifically the superyacht market. Ted gained experience working with many of the world’s finest builders: the renowned Royal Huisman Shipyard in Holland where he built Pamina, Anakena and Surama, all winners of Super Yacht Society awards; Alloy Yachts of New Zealand where Savannah, Chimera and Paraiso were built; Holland Jachbouw, builders of the luxurious 116’ Whisper.