Our Mission

The Designer Series unique concept is much more than a single rendezvous. While we pay tribute to one renowned yacht designer spanning a two-year series of events, we expand our influence by hosting first class programs throughout 2018, such as our Design Discussions; where we bring together industry leaders and designers, encompassing a variety of fields, for an exchange of ideas and dialogue to champion the culture of design, heritage and innovation; with the commonality of excellence.

An integral part of our mission is to cultivate the designers of tomorrow with our Scholarship & Mentoring Program, which combines a cash award as well as hands on mentoring with a Sparkman & Stephens yacht designer. We encourage all students to submit their application for selection, which is located on our website. Our selection committee will announce the 2019 recipient at our S&S awards dinner. Our hope is that one day their designs will be as celebrated as those we honor through the Designer Series.

Honor the worlds most iconic yacht designers & cultivate the designers of tomorrow.

Scholarship Application

The Designer Series Rendezvous, celebrating the legacy of Sparkman & Stephens, is a festive action-packed 4-day celebration. Unique in that our rendezvous is exclusive for boats designed by the honoree, the event attracts an international spectrum of legendary yachts and a diverse array of boat owners; eager to exchange stories and meet others who share the same passion for the designer and their contributions to the yachting world, while enjoying spirited on-the-water racing and land-based festivities. Throughout the 4-day celebration, our guests, boat owners and the public will enjoy world class entertainment, food, fashion and art.

Expanding the Designer Series to a 2-year format, broadens the celebration of each honoree, connects the marine industry and encourages relationships through targeted experiences, gives our partners fourteen months of brand exposure and builds excitement for our signature event, the 2019 rendezvous.