Ted Hood

Ted Hood, was a successful racing skipper, founder of Little Harbor Yachts, and an innovative marine inventor and yacht designer.

Hood’s natural affinity for sailing allowed him to see shapes differently from his contemporaries. His first boat was an 11-foot dinghy that he designed and built, but more important, he also made the sails for her double-spreader rig. Using his eye for shapes and his feel for performance, he modified those sails again and again until they were perfect. Therein lay a significant chunk of the man’s future.

Early in the 1980s, Hood sold the yacht systems and sailmaking businesses and focused his attention on designing and building yachts under the Little Harbor name. In 1986, he moved his business to Little Harbor Landing in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, on the site of a World War II Navy fuel depot. Approximately 1,500 yachts of Hood’s design still sail the seas.

Ted Hood Rendezvous

For our inaugural year in 2017, we honored Ted Hood in Bristol, Rhode Island by reuniting owners of Hood designed boats with colleagues, industry partners and the public to participate in the event. The event was held at the Herreshoff Museum and it included a Dock Party, a Race around Hog Island and Clam Bake celebration with a live band.

Over 30 boats were represented throughout the weekend and over 300 people attended the weekend’s events.

“He was the most forward-thinking, complete yachtsman of that generation, and maybe of generations to come. Nowadays, we have guys who are excellent helmsmen, or tacticians, or bowmen, or are good yacht designers or sailmakers. Ted Hood was all those and more.”

-NYYC Vice Commodore Rives Potts